The 14th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress kicks off second session

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来源:Shandian news 2024-01-22 发表于山东

The second session of the 14th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress opens on Jan 22 in Jinan.

The second session of the 14th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress convened on Jan 22 in Jinan, capital of Shandong province.

A total of 854 deputies attended the annual conference. Lin Wu, Party secretary of CPC Shandong committee, declared the event open, and Zhou Naixiang, governor of the province, delivered the annual work report for 2023.

Lin Wu, Party chief of Shandong province, declars the conference open.

According to the provincial government work report, Shandong’s overall economic and social development maintained a stable and healthy development, showing improvement both in quantity and quality for last year.

Zhou Naixiang, governor of Shandong province, delivers the annual work report for 2023.

Shandong saw a year-on-year increase of 6 percent in gross regional product (GDP), which reached 9.2 trillion yuan. The four new economies(i.e., new technology, new methods, new business forms and new industries) grew by 11.1%, accouting for over 57%.

The general budget revenue of the province grew by 5.1% over the previous year, and the per capita disposable income of residents achieved an increase of 6.2%.

For the work in 2024, the report sets goals of an increase of more than 5 percent in gross regional production, a general public budget income hike of more than 4 percent, a 5.5 percent growth for the per capita disposable income of residents, and over 1.1 million new jobs to be created.

Shandong will focus on 12 areas in 2024, such as acceletating the promotion of new industrialization, advancing the construction of a highland for industrial technological innovation, accelerating the improvement of modern service industry, and focusing on driving consumption upgrading.

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